12th Jan Announcements

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Planned Giving Scheme
This Sunday is our annual Stewardship Sunday, where we ask people to consider their giving to their church. If you would like to start giving regularly, please use this form to arrange it. Thank you for your generosity!
More Info & Sign Up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfke6rTdx8aeSb6GOu_3WAv55NWSaam94LjR7jfgz1vSxDQGA/viewform

Spring Term Card
Do you want to know everything that’s happening until April? Have a look at our Spring Term Card! You can find out all the important dates and make note of them. If you didn’t get a copy yet, download it here!
Download my term card: https://www.shatinchurch.org.hk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/TermCardSpring20inside-01.jpg

Ladies Brunch 18 January
Our time for women of all ages to get together. We will have fellowship, hear an inspiring testimony by Glenys and pray for each other. Do let EJ you know you will join, for planning. And if you can bring something for the brunch that would be great too:
Yes I will bring something: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1csvPZrPAbemZlbwCwJrtMvK3tT6NuYKyBSDIxnnuTwE/edit#gid=0

Welcome Lunch 19 January
Have you recently started coming on Sundays? We’d love to get to know you, introduce our church and answer your questions. Come to our Welcome Lunch on 19 January (held after both services) and find out more!
Sign up: https://www.shatinchurch.org.hk/welcomelunch

Myanmar Mission Trip – Fundraising
Myanmar Mission Trip will be taken place on 11-18 April.
We target to raise $25,000. Please be part & support! Talk to Ariel (ariel@shatinchurch.org.hk) for more information.

SALT Young Adults – 18 January
SALT Young Adults is our group for uni students, 20s and 30s to share life together. 18 January we will have a time of fun and fellowship in Ma On Shan Country Park – games, hiking and BBQ! Let Calvin know you’re coming by email (focuscleavon@gmail.com) or via the SALT Whatsapp group!

Evangelism Training – starts 16 Feb
Jesus wants to use us to svae more people, but many of us feel inadequate for this important task. So come learn and be equipped with key practical skills! Four Sundays – 16 & 23 Feb, 1 & 15 March – 9:30-11:00.
More Info & Sign Up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdO-KwIgx2odyfEZiW8Jluq2eWrlrmT-PX9s-MBtz2yujoX9A/viewform

Joint Young Adults Weekend 14-15 March
The young adults of Shatin, Resurrection, Ambassador and St Andrew’s are going away together! There are only limited numbers of single and double rooms, so book early to avoid disappointment!
More Information: https://standrewskowloon.churchsuite.co.uk/events/dqbnh9rd

Prayers for Hong Kong
Come join us to pray together for Hong Kong. Every Sunday 11:00-11:20 in room 102. Let’s bring our city to our Father together.

Read 1-1 with someone!
Reading One-to-One is a great way for Christians to grow and be encouraged, especially if you’re not in a Links group. If you’d like to meet up with someone but don’t know who, let us know and we will pair you up!
I’m interested: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdCzk2LnntEl3mE6ZB4l-ATZmiu0CaH68dzk2BYsv5UGRpGHw/viewform

Join a Links group!
Links is our way of doing small church, as we meet regularly for Bible study, fellowship, prayer and mission. They make a huge difference to being part of the family here, so do join one for this coming year!
More info & sign up: https://www.shatinchurch.org.hk/links-small-groups/

Rightnow Media
An online video library with Bible studies, children’s programs and conference talks. With our church subscription you can create a free account, whether you’re a regular, an occasional attender or our mission partner who’s abroad. You can use it on your own, in small groups or in 1-2-1s. Do make use of it!
Create an Account: https://www.shatinchurch.org.hk/rightnowmedia