STC Core

These cover essential skills and topics that we believe every Christian should have covered or learned at some point.

When? Sundays at 9:30, during the first service. Courses will be multiple weeks. If you are on a team and you’d like to attend, you can block out the dates or swap your duties.

Where? Room 106, TST School (past the Kingdom Kids rooms)

Should I sign up? Yes please, it will help us plan. Though do come anyway if you forgot.

How about my children? The training starts at 9:30, so you will not be in the service. If you have children someone will need to look after them before they go to Kingdom Kids. Hopefully your spouse or a friend can do so, but if not please let us know.

What is the next one? We have no further courses before the summer but are planning for afterwards. Do let Niels know if you are interested in anything.


STC Core 2018-19

Bible Handling 101 (23 Sept – 7 Oct)

Listening to God is at the heart of the Christian life, yet the Bible is not always an easy book. This practical course in the basic skills of understanding and applying the Bible will help you be confident of what God is saying to you.

Ephesians (part 1: 11 Nov. – 2 Dec. Part 2: 17 Feb – 10 March)

Ephesians is one of the most important books in the Bible, as Paul lays out the details of God’s plan and his blueprint for the church. We would love everyone to know this book deeply, so we can live in the light of God’s plan and teach it to others. The course will be in two parts across two terms.

Belonging to Shatin Church (20-27 January 2019)

Being a child of God means being part of his family, and that means being part of a local church. This course will explore what it means to belong to a church, and in particular how things work practically at Shatin Church.

Leading a Small Group (5-19 May 2019)

We grow disciples by bringing people together with God’s word, and small groups are a key way to do so. Come learn the skills of leading a bible study that you can then use in church or in your workplace, school or family.