STC Foundations

These are afternoon seminars that together cover the basics of the Christian faith and life, with plenty of time for questions. Ideal for new believers or those who want a refresher.

When? The first Sunday afternoon of each month, at 14:30. Each seminar will last perhaps two hours, including questions.

Where? Our Church Centre in Shek Mun.

Do I need to sign up? You don’t need to, but it helps us plan, especially if you want to join us for lunch beforehand. You can sign up here.

What is the next one? Our Foundations course has finished for the year 2018-19, but we are planning to repeat it next year at a different time.  


All topics

The gospel (7 October) – The Christian life starts with the gospel, yet it is much greater than we think. Explore the foundation of the Christian life.

Knowing God (4 November) – A general introduction to God and what he is like, and what that means for our lives and our relationship with him.

Devotions (2 December) – Many Christians find it a great help to take time each day to listen to God and speak to him. Learn why and how!

Bible Overview (6 January) – Get to know the big story of the Bible, to help you better understand all the individual parts you are reading.

Understanding our world (3 February) – What is life about? What should it be like? We need to understand our world and God’s plans for it.  

Doing Church (3 March) – God is not just saving individuals but making a family. Find out why church is important and what it means to belong.

Living it out (7 April) – As God’s people we are to be different. What does it mean to live as a disciple of Jesus in every area of our lives?  

Evangelism 101 (5 May) – Jesus has not returned yet because he wants more people to be saved. Come learn the basics of sharing the gospel.

Growing & Discipling (2 June) – Jesus told us to make disciples, not just evangelise. How can we best keep growing ourselves and grow others?