Easter Creates!

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Thank you for creating and sharing these wonderful works!   Because of Jesus, death is defeated. “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” (1 Cor 15:55). Let’s celebrate Christ’s victory this Easter!

Alleluia, Christ is risen! He’s risen indeed! Alleluia!

 Viola and Miriam’s Submission: Christ Ist Erstanden( Christ is risen), a German Easter song

Submitted by Ella vdK

Death Defeated
By Peter Del Favero

Long ago one Sunday,
Jerusalem sang, “Make way, make way!”
For the Messiah was coming on that day.
And while the city’s mood was gay,
Not all would celebrate that day.
For as the thieves on people would prey,
Jesus came and flipped many a tray
And chased the criminals away.
After what the priests heard Him say,
They began plotting to lessen His stay.

Three suns later, on the Wednesday,
As John next to Him lay,
The Christ knew time was gone away.
He led them on the way
To Gethsemane where he told them not to stray
And He went off to pray.
As the burden of sacrifice began to on Him weigh,
The Son of Man girded Himself for the price He would pay
For all His children who had gone astray.

When the one who would Him betray,
Came with soldiers to take Him away,
The General of Heavenly Legions barely a word did say,
The Commander of Angels let Himself be seen as their prey.
Before priest, gov’nor and king He did still play,
As if His bonds could’ve restrained Him that Thursday.
On a cross He was nailed in a fray,
The priests anxious for His death that day.
“It is finished!” He cried as He was fey,
And from the world He slipped away.

Hidden away ‘til the light of Sunday,
The Savior awakened and Death shrieked “Nay!”
Its power broken on that glorious day,
With no strength to ever repay,
Death had no choice but to make way.
As Yahweh walked out and away,
It had not a word to say,

So defeated was Death that day.

Submitted by Glenys Goulstone

Submitted by Jasper Kan

Submitted by Evelyn Yan on behalf of her Kingdom Kids class

This Is the One, cover by Nicola Tsoi
How Great Is Your Love, submitted by Lauren Chai
Raise a Hallelujah by the Lee family (lyrics here: https://bethelmusic.com/chords-and-lyrics/raise-a-hallelujah/)
Hanna vdK
Lisa vdK
EJ vdK, The Covenant
Gabe Viana
Aliee Viana
Jakob RC, Fictional Resurrection vs Jesus
Submitted by the Onuselogu Family

“Death Defeated 3-0” poem / hymn
by Niels vdK

Christ killed by his people, entombed for a time
The Father speaks out and reverses their crime
In glorious pow’r he now reigns as the Son
‘Cause death is defeated, new life has begun

Once hostile to God, with my heart dead in sin
His Spirit and Word bring new birth deep within
Alive now with love for the Crucified One
‘Cause death is defeated, new life has begun

True children of God with new pow’r to do good
Yet failing and suff’ring, not fully renewed
With eyes fixed on Jesus, in faith we press on
‘Cause death is defeated, new life has begun

A world cursed with death where all joys end in cries
Then billions of graves hear a voice from the skies
Eternal delight, see His face like the sun
‘Cause death is defeated, new life has begun

The 11-11-11-11 metre matches “How Firm a Foundation” and could be sung to the same tunes.
E.g. my favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH5BNh53vic

by Ella Goh
by Daniel Hutton
by Esther Hutton
by Caleb Hutton