Commitment to Mission 

In the light of its beliefs about mission expressed in this Mission Strategy paper, the church commits to:

  1. evangelism and teaching ministry to the English-speaking people in Hong Kong;
  2. encouraging its members to be mindful of the unreached especially in the 10/40 window, partnering with the church and the missionaries already there and sending missionaries to the unreached.
  3. exhorting and encouraging its members to carry out all five marks of mission in every part of their lives, especially in the workplace; and
  4. partnering with other Christian organizations especially through prayer and giving 15% of its non-designated income to support its mission partners through ‘the World Mission Fund’ (formerly ‘tithed to missions’).
Partnership Selection Criteria
  1. We value work among the unreached whether in Hong Kong or overseas (especially in the 10/40 window).
  2. We seek to support all five forms of mission work.
  3. We seek to support those who have received and discerned their call and have been sent out from Shatin Church.
  4. We value ministries that equip and train Christian leaders.
  5. We value partnership with ministries that are church-based or which support the work of local churches.
  6. We will consider the financial need and integrity of the agency and will value partnership with those for whom our contribution will make a difference.

Mission Partners

As of March 2015, our mission partners are:

1. African Enterprise

2. Christian Action Chung King Mansions Service Centre

3. Christian Action Domestic Helpers Program

4. Stand Asia, formerly CSW Hong Kong

5. Clarissa Gafoor at Crossroads

6. Dancalan Christian Church (a church in the Philippines)

7. Empower Asia, supporting both Friedrich and Hutton families

8. Generation Ministries (South East Asia)

9. Langham Foundation Hong Kong

10. Misha del Favero at YWAM, Tanzania

12. OMF International

13.  Viana family at YWAM, Harbour City, Hong Kong

14. Sports Services International

15. Norwegian Missionary Society

16.  Anja at YWAM, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

The Covid-19 situation has affected the whole world. Many are affected financially, including some of the mission organizations we support. Yet others are working in stable jobs, and in fact, many of us have received a $10,000 handout from the government that if we’re honest we don’t really need.

In New Testament times there was a severe famine in Judea, and in 2 Cor. 8-9 the apostle Paul encouraged Gentile Christians to financially support impoverished Jewish Christians. They knew Jesus’ grace to them, and it would be a beautiful picture of what the church could be if those with plenty would supply the needs of those with little. “The goal is equality, as it is written “The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little”.” (8:14-15)

So we want to encourage you to prayerfully consider giving to those in need at this time. Below are details from our mission partners who have applied for financial help, either for themselves or for their ministry. It includes links to make donations on their websites. If you feel led to contribute to meeting their needs, that would be wonderful!

Contact Person: Anil Stephen / Tel. 2591 5403

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“Our current support from regular donors has dropped considerably. There is also a great need to support pastors in our focus countries. In early May we raised funds to support the families of 113 pastors in Bangladesh who were severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  Many did not have enough money to buy essential food items. We also supported families affected by the Easter bombing in Sri Lanka in 2019. The funds will be used to maintain our ministry operations, plan for upcoming ministry trips, and support local pastors in our focus countries.” 

Contact Person: Ben Campbell / b.campbell@aeint.org

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“The lockdown in Africa is meaning that people in many countries are not able to earn money to get food. In a number of Sub-Saharan countries, people cannot necessarily rely on the government to provide food, so they turn to the church or not for profit organizations such as AE for assistance. In Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, and Zambia we are distributing food as well as facemasks and providing vocational training on making facemasks and soaps. Our work is helping provide good information, equipment, training, and food parcels to people in lockdown to save lives and prevent the spread of the disease. Our latest report from Ghana gives an idea of the initiatives in place.  Also importantly we are looking at maintaining the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ through Home-Based Evangelistic activities. This is an area that we would particularly like to focus in on.” 

YWAM Sports Services International

Contact Person: Kwok Tai Ming / Tel. 2524 6057


Our staff Coaches get a cheque of $2,700 per session from School PE as Donations, so total of $10,800 per month. This money goes 10% to the ministry (SSI) but the rest goes to help the Coaches (SSI Staff) as allowance. Since January 2020 this money has stopped because of the Coronavirus.

How The Funds Will Be Used:

  1. Buy Office Supplies – printer ink, Microsoft office for one of our computer, A4 paper 
  2. New Sports Equipment – rugby balls, basketball balls, soccer football balls, volleyball balls and badminton sets.
  3. Coaches Allowance – Help our staff for rent payment, transportation expenses, food.

Contact Person: Peter and Bev van der Westhuyzen / Tel. +64 21 02701422

Email. peter.vanderwesthuyzen@world-outreach.come

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“Our core team in Bangladesh are all funded through donations to cover their living expenses. Two families are in real need of some support because income to the ministry has dropped by about 30% during COVID. On a monthly basis, they are now approximately  US$900 in the red. It’s become a crisis because we cannot afford to lose any of the core team if we are to keep up the onfield ministry effort. They are all very busy with regular ministry projects; and also distributing food parcels to the very poor- which is a Covis project funded by another organization.  Some contribution towards a  6 months shortfall (US$5400)  would be tremendously helpful.”

Domestic Helpers 

Contact person: Tania Sim / Tel. 5296 7332 / tania.sim@christian-action.org.hk

“The Coronavirus has caused a huge impact towards our clients’ case and life. On January 28th, the labour institutions closed all the service. Workers could not file their claims at the Labour Department and their ongoing case at the Labour Tribunal were all adjourned and are still pending. Our clients live in uncertainty, not knowing when they can walk away from the bad experience and continue with their life. They also worry about their family as they could not do anything to support them. They still have to report to Immigration every two weeks. Our workers incur more expenses and we have to input more manpower.

Centre for Refugees

Contact Person: Aime / Tel. 908 9475 / ckmoutrach@christian-action.org.hk


Asylum seekers and refugees are among the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our community. While the pandemic does not discriminate and has impacted everyone, the Government’s relief package overlooks asylum seekers and refugees.  Asylum seekers and refugees are neither eligible for the scheme, nor are they receiving any extra Government assistance despite increased food costs as a result of the pandemic.

The funds will be used to purchase supermarket vouchers, thus they will be able to have more choices in what they buy. Your support will allow us to assist 121 families with HK$600 and 127 singles with HK$400 for a month.