Staff Team

Heewoo Han


Heewoo is a Korean American who has lived in five different countries.  He loves playing badminton and hiking, but his passion lies in studying and preaching the word of God and seeing people grow in Him.

Niels van de Kasteele

Director of Discipleship

Niels is originally from the Netherlands, but moved to London in 2002.  He received his M.Th. at Oak Hill College and served at City Evangelical Church in Leeds before coming to Shatin.  Niels is married to Eun-Jung from South Korea and has three daughters.

Rhoda Chan

Director of Youth Ministry

Rhoda was born in Boston but moved to Hong Kong with her missionary parents when she was five.  She received her M.Div from Gateway Seminary in 2018.  Rhoda is a huge nerd and loves video games, comic books, and playing all sorts of instruments.

Ariel Pinero

Mission, Music and Philippines Worker

Ariel comes from Philippines.  He worked at Calvary Chapel Bible College, Dumaguete for almost 3 years after graduating from it.  He’s passionate about sharing the gospel and leading worship. He’s married to Immalyn who has the same heart of reaching the lost.

Church Committee

The Shatin Church Committee is a group of mature Christians who are entrusted with the responsibility of leading the church with the pastors.  Their formal, pastoral and members’ roles are outlined in this document.

Pauline Chew
Kevin Chiu
Andy Hutton
Rebecca Lau
Cindy Lee
Peter Tsih
Evelyn Yan