Serving the Church

Serving the Church

We encourage all who come to Shatin Church not to just be spectators, but fully engaged partners in building God’s kingdom. There are many amazing ways you can volunteer! Please prayerfully consider how you could serve. The diferent roles and teams are described below.

Signing up

Please sign up using the form below and we will contact you.

We are excited about our move to LKM School, as a result, we need more volunteers to come forward to add to our existing Setup, Ushering, and Welcoming team for Sunday service.   If you can help that would be great!

Sundays - Practical
Our Sunday Services run with many volunteers. These teams are more practical and behind the scenes, yet they are essential to make our services happen.

Our team will be asked to set up chairs for Sunday Services,
at Lam Kau Mou School starting at 8:30am.

Depend on different services,
Our team will either set up or pack up our banners,
and report the service numbers.
(e.g. Church sign, Scripture, Welcoming banner, etc.)

Making sure the music, leading and sermon sound as well as possible. You need to come in early to set up and take things down again after the second service. We will train you, but being good with technology will help.

Every service we need someone to operate the computer that displays the song lyrics, videos and slides. Ideally you can use a computer and can react quickly when things go wrong. The operator in the 930 needs to set up the computer and projector beforehand, the 1130 operator takes them down after the second service.

Sundays - People
Church is about people, and a number of teams help make the service friendly accessible for members and newcomers alike.

Other than opening up or close up their own section,
Our Ushers will help with newcomers,
and comply with regulations from leaders.

This team will look out for newcomers, welcome them, introduce them to others and follow them up to help them settle into the church.

Sundays - Up Front
We need to people to lead the service on Sundays in various ways.

Are you a great musician? Help our congregation praise God together by serving on the music team. You will come in early to rehearse and play in both services.

Right now we need drummers and acoustic guitarists.  

Children & Youth
God the Father has no grandchildren. Come help the next generation know Jesus and follow him, whether on Sundays or on other days of the week.

Help our youth grow in Christ on Sundays! The youth go to their own groups every week except the 4th Sunday of the month. As a leader you will help with the games, lead a small group and build relationships with the youth.

Our youth group on Saturday afternoons has more focus on evangelism. Come hang out with the youth and be a great example for them of what it means to be a Christian.

Help with any of our children’s groups ages 0-2, 3-4, 5-6 or 7-10. Do crafts, lead groups and have fun playing games! We need both teacher leaders and class leaders.