Training Seminars

We are currently running STC Core: Evangelism via Zoom, until 22 March. Training for after Easter will be announced when there is more clarity on when church activities can restart.


The apostle Paul wants us to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:12), so the church can live out its calling. These training courses complement our sermons and Links groups by covering important skills and topics that are better taught in a course or seminar. We have two main streams:

These cover essential skills and topics that we believe every Christian should learn at some point.

These courses allow you to explore topics that are important but more of special interest rather than essential. 

Both streams are at 9:30am during the first service. If you have children, it means they are taken care of in Kingdom Kids. We encourage you to go to the 11:30am service afterwards. We also run occasional other training.

What is the next 9:30 training? Further training will be announced when there is clarity on when church activities can start again.

Courses are held in Room 106, past the Kingdom Kids rooms. Please go straight there rather than to the 9:30 service.