What Is Equip?

Equip is a new initiative of adult education at Shatin Church to equip our people to know their faith more deeply, to live it out and and share it with others.  Those who sign up will go through Moore Theological College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate Programme (PTC) together by a combination of self study and bi-weekly group discussions.  These discussions will be led by Pastor Heewoo or Niels.

What Are the Subjects Covered? 

Six subjects for PTC are:

  1.  Introduction to the Bible (Bible Overview)
  2. Old Testament 1 (Pentateuch, OT1)
  3. New Testament 1 (The Gospel of Mark, NT1)
  4. Ephesians
  5. Promise to Fulfillment (Biblical Theology)
  6. Doctrine 1

At Equip, we’ll cover two topics per term.  Those who wish to receive the PTC award will need to take the exam at the end of each course.

When the term has started, we will meet once every two weeks for 1.5 hour discussion.


How Much Does It Cost?

Enrollment for the PTC course is

  • $45 AUD per unit for online study option and
  • $65 AUD per unit for correspondence study

You need to register with Moore for the appropriate courses.  Look for Preliminary Theological Certificate.

Next Equip Courses?

We run Equip based on interest in the congregation. If you would like to do Equip, please email pastor Heewoo (heewoo@shatinchurch.org.hk). Once enough people are interested we can agree on dates to do the course.