STC Explore

These courses allow you to explore topics that are important but more of special interest rather than essential.

When? Sundays at 9:30, during the first service. Courses will be multiple weeks. If you are on a team and you’d like to attend, you can block out the dates or swap your duties.

Where? Room 106, TST School (past the Kingdom Kids rooms)

Should I sign up? Yes please, it will help us plan. Though do come anyway if you forgot.

How about my children? The training starts at 9:30, so you will not be in the service. If you have children someone will need to look after them before they go to Kingdom Kids. Hopefully your spouse or a friend can do so, but if not please let us know.

What is the next one? Spiritual Gifts, 17 March – 7 April. Please keep these dates free if you would like to join. Sign up available here.


STC Explore 2018-19

Reading the Old Testament (14 October – 4 November, excl. 28 October)

A more advanced course that will help you get more out of reading the Old Testament. We will look at how to interpret different genres and how biblical theology helps us see more of Jesus and apply what God said then to us now.

Spiritual Gifts (17 March – 7 April)

Led by Harold Viana from YWAM Harbour City. Learn about spiritual gifts – what they are, how they work and how to identify, develop and use them.

The End Times (26 May – 16 June)

What happens at the end is a topic of much confusion and disagreement among Christians. Yet the whole Bible is looking forward to the final intervention of God. By looking at key passages we will see what the Bible expects, and more, how this should affect our life now.