Training Seminars

Answering difficult questions

Why is there suffering? Can you trust the Bible? How do you know God exists? How can Jesus be the only way? We get asked these questions when sharing the gospel, and often we don’t know what to say. So come and learn how to answer such questions in our next training seminar!

– If you usually come to the 9:30 service, just come to the 11:30 service afterwards
– If you can only come at 9:30, e.g. parents of young kids, just come to the seminar and listen to the sermon online later.
– If you often serve during the 9:30 service: block out the dates on Worshipplanning or swap duties with others from your teams

Dates: 21 May Р11 June

Timing: 9:40 (when children go out) – 11:00

Place: Room 105 (no longer 104)

  • Even if you can’t come – do let us know what questions you think we should learn to answer!