Solar Lighting

With the help of generous donations for our last mission trip in the summer of 2008, we installed 10 more solar lighting units in the village of Dancalan, where previously there was no pathway lighting at all. For the past year the residents of Dancalan have really appreciated the solar lighting units. They now have light where there previously was no light. These lights help bring safety and security to the village.

The energy efficient design allows one day’s charge of a locally sourced vehicle battery to provide enough electricity to power the light throughout the night. This gives street lighting to the village, where ongoing electricity costs of conventional lighting would be a prohibiting factor. The light was designed by Sam Fan, an electrical and electronic engineering graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and John Del Fevero, a technical director for VEIT Group. They are built using as many local parts as possible and installed with help from the local village residents.

We currently have 11 solar lights installed in the village. We are planning to install 9 more during this next mission trip. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause please attend the fundraiser on June 27th or contact the church for how to donate.

solarlightconstruction.jpg solarlightlandscape.jpg solarlightportrait.jpg solarlightvillage.jpg